Minnesota weather can be incredibly finicky and unpredictable. Forecasts change constantly. Just the other day, the meteorologists were saying we’d be getting a big snow storm. Of course, the storm turned and we ended up getting no snow at all. My mom two hours south of us ended up with 13 inches. All of this to say that February is not normally a time that you can get out on a family hike. Somehow, though, we had a weekend with 60 degree weather!

We took advantage of the weather and went hiking around a nearby state park. Even though it was 60, there was still ice and snow on all of the paths.  The girls slipped on the ice, fell into puddles and got pretty wet and muddy.  There were definitely some melt downs, but that’s to be expected with a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a baby. An older couple stopped us and commented on how difficult it is to hike with three little kids, but said, “It’s worth it though! Isn’t it!?” I answered, “absolutely yes!” When we got back to the car, I asked the girls if they had fun and if they’d like to do it again sometime. They both answered with a very enthusiastic “YEAH!”

Raising adventurous kids may be harder than just staying home, but like the old lady said, “it’s worth it though!” So, we’re doing our best.  And now that the weather back in the 30s, I’m so glad we took advantage of the beautiful weekend we had.

State Park: Lake Maria State Park